Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association (Mesa)

MESA was established in the year 2013.  Any student enrolled in the University of Energy and Natural Resources to pursue Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering programme is an automatic and a legitimate member of the Association.

The Association is supervised by the Head of Department, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, UENR and the Patron.

Student leaders are also elected by members of the Association annually and such leaders form the Executive Committee which is being chaired by the President.


“A New Age of Engineering: Our Way of Life”

Aims and Objectives

  • To coordinate matters relating to the general welfare of the students and also have the responsibility for the planning and coordination of major social, recreational and intellectual activities of the students.
  • To build a vibrant association that will bring development in the Education, Social and Economic affairs in order to have a competent and a resourceful human resource that can satisfy the needs of society and to foster good and healthy staff-students relation based on mutual trust and respect.
  • To initiate and/or participate fully, wherever possible, in all appropriate programmes /events relating to our field of study both locally and internationally, designed to improve the knowledge base of the members.
  • To represent the interests of its members at the Students’ Representative Parliaments
  • To Work on behalf of its members to enhance academic advancement and to represent and forward the students views on academic issues with respect to the Department.

It is therefore our Passion to use this Association to foster a good staff-student relationship and also help in addressing the day to day issues of students.

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