Ghana Institute
of Engineering (GhIE)UENR Chapter

          GHIE stands for Ghana Institution of Engineering and it is the official body responsible for licensing all practicing engineers in Ghana. Established in 1968 to succeed the ‘The Ghana Group of Professional Engineers’’.

The GhIE LogoGIE

  1. The GhIE Logo is formed by a perfect circle with a spur gear at the centre that is surrounded by a spider’s web.
  2. The spur gear is considered a recognizable symbol of engineering whilst the spider’s web, which is so slim and wonderfully woven to perform a function, expresses ingenuity and strength, both attributes required in engineering to solve problems of mankind.
  3. The GhIE logo also symbolizes the unity of all the disciplines of engineering viz Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Chemical, Agricultural, Marine, Mining, Biomedical, Petroleum, Environmental, Renewable Energy among others.

Promoting women in engineering


GhIE-UENR Students Chapter was officially inaugurated on 29th January 2020 by the then President Ing. Dr. Alexander Leslie Aryeh and the WinE Ghana President, Ing.Dr. Mrs. Enyonam Kpekpena as the first student body chapter in Ghana. It encompasses all engineering programs on campus and therefore every engineering student is a member of GHIE.

Our predecessors were the first to be inaugurated by the mother GhIE within the UENR fraternity. Since they were the first to be inaugurated together with GhIE-UENR in one way or the other are the pioneers. It was first introduced in the ending of 2018 together with GhIE but wasn’t that strong but dull, until 2019, when we were recognised by the Mother GhIE by the help of our patron Ing. Dr. Nyantakyi. The first WinE president goes by the name, Miss Michelle a mechanical engineering student in 2018.

Miss Christabel an electrical engineering student and also the immediate past president, Now Miss Lina an electrical engineering student is our current president. The 2019 batch of executives were appointed by lawful means making the 2020 executives the first to be elected through vote.


  • To foster closer relations amongst its members and to promote their welfare, academically, socially, and morally.
  • To promote the study of Engineering and its role in the development of the country through symposia, industrial trips, seminars, etc.;
  • To promote the exploration and production industry through the research of cost-effective and environmentally friendly techniques in mass production and maintenance of arts of work in all works of life.

About WinE

Women are often under-represented in the academic and professional fields of engineering; however, many females have contributed to the diverse fields of engineering historically and currently. 

A number of organizations and programs have been created to understand and overcome this tradition of gender disparity. Some have decried this gender gap, saying that it indicates the absence of potential talent. Though the gender gap as a whole is narrowing, there is still a growing gap with minority women compared to their white counterparts. 

Gender stereotypes, low rates of female engineering students, and engineering culture are factors that contribute to the current situation where men are dominated in the engineering field. The more reason for the establishment of Women in Engineering (WinE).

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