Environmental Engineering Student Association (EESA)


The Environmental Engineering Student Association (EESA) is a body created in 2014 to guide and organize the undergraduate Environmental Engineering students on necessitation from day one on campus until completion. It is a networking and career guidance-based association to involve undergraduate students in possible career paths for Environmental Engineers. It is run by students studying the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering. The association hosts social, educational and industry events where all students are welcome. These events provide students with an opportunity to fraternize, catch up and network with friends and colleagues, and foster industry relationships.

The governing constituted of students. The Executive Members of the Association are selected by voting upon by the entire membership. The current membership of the Association stands at 150. The Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is also an automatic patron.


  • To foster unity and promote welfare among lecturers and students of the association
  • To Promote interest and facilitate academic progress in the study of the programme
  • To Protect the interest of the students especially regarding lectures, exam timetables and other academic programmes.
  • To Protect and enhance the image of Environmental Engineering students in UENR and elsewhere.
  • To Help members become more practical oriented in the various fields of environmental engineering.


  • Meetings to discuss relevant matters concerning the association
  • Symposia, quizzes, debate, lectures, seminars, educational trips etc
  • Various fun and academic activities during the department weeks
  • Assist members with internship slots and exchange programmes
  • Outreach programmes to basic and second cycle schools within the Region to promote the study of Environmental Engineering
  • Organize various programmes during the association’s week-long celebration every academic year
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